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7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Schizandra Berries

“What the heck is a schizandra berry?”

Great question. Besides being one of my favorite words of all time, schizandra is is also an incredibly powerful tonic, or daily maintenance herb. I’ve personally been using it more regularly as of late and I’m pretty darn excited about the gentle cleansing and beautifying effects I’ve been noticing.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this magical ancient fruit, this post will give you a quick rundown of why it’s such an important superfood/superherb to incorporate into your diet and will also give you two very easy and fun ways to painlessly incorporate it into your daily routine if you choose to do so. Continue reading

6 Herbs That Will Change Your Life

I absolutely love herbs—especially those classified as “tonic herbs,” meaning they can be taken regularly as preventative maintenance. Nature created medicinal plants for a reason. The diets of human cultures throughout history have always had an herbal or medicinal component. Unfortunately, because we’ve grown increasingly disconnected from Nature, many people now instinctively seek out pharmaceutical drugs and narcotics to fill that need, unaware that they’re actually looking for the medicinal substances that plants have always offered.  Continue reading