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6 Herbs That Will Change Your Life

I absolutely love herbs—especially those classified as “tonic herbs,” meaning they can be taken regularly as preventative maintenance. Nature created medicinal plants for a reason. The diets of human cultures throughout history have always had an herbal or medicinal component. Unfortunately, because we’ve grown increasingly disconnected from Nature, many people now instinctively seek out pharmaceutical drugs and narcotics to fill that need, unaware that they’re actually looking for the medicinal substances that plants have always offered.  Continue reading

Herbs: The Best Health Insurance Policy You Can Have

When you were little, your parents or grandparents probably gave you chicken soup or some other home remedy to help you get over your cold, probably because their parents or grandparents gave it to them when they were younger.

Before taking whatever they gave you, did you first go to the library and make sure it was actually effective? Did you need to see peer-reviewed medical literature to prove it wasn’t going to have negative side-effects?

Nope. You just took it. Granted, a big reason why you did was because

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How To Make Your Oatmeal 10x Healthier

Okay, “10x healthier” is just a rough estimate, but you get the idea.

I’m always looking for fun and easy ways to add a little bit of extra nutrition to whatever I’m eating.

A cool trick I thought of the other day while making oatmeal was to brew some tea in the same water that my oatmeal cooks in! I know—I’m blowing your mind right now.

This is an excellent way to add an herbal and medicinal component into your diet. Why would you want to do that? Because

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