The Most Painless Way to Stop Eating Unhealthy Crap (Using a Skill You Learned in 1st Grade)

I’m not here to tell you that there are “good foods” and “bad foods”. First of all, that’s a boring subject. Secondly, it’s not true. The reality is that there are “foods” and there are “food-like substances”.

The point of this post is to help you cut out food-like substances from your diet (i.e. unhealthy crap masquerading as food).These are things like refined flours, conventional dairy products, white rice, unnatural fats like margarine and hydrogenated oils plus a bunch of other weird stuff.

I’ve found that the reason a lot of people don’t get started making healthy lifestyle and diet changes is because they think that they need to remove certain things from their diet BEFORE moving forward.

This is just not true. In fact, this is the absolute most difficult way to go about making healthy lifestyle changes for most people. It’s also the reason why so many people fail at “dieting”. They’re trying to use sheer willpower to stay away from “bad foods.”

“I will NOT eat that cupcake. I will not eat that cupcake. I will not eat that cupcake. I will not eat that….eh, screw it—gimme that cupcake.”

I’ve been there. I’ve done the same thing and it sucks. You’re constantly thinking about the food you want to eat, but can’t.

Understand this: You’re like a child. If you tell yourself “NO”, you’ll rebel and do the exact opposite. So when you say to yourself, “I can’t have cake anymore,” your brain quickly turns that into, “I want cake NOW!” It’s just human nature.


Instead of subtracting these unhealthy, energy-zapping food-like substances from your diet, what if you just added the best foods ever into your diet? What would that look like?

Well, here’s an example of the “principle of addition” in action:

Let’s say you eat a doughnut and coffee for breakfast every morning. That’s fine. Keep eating that. But in addition to your doughnut and coffee, you’ll also have a green smoothie.

“What the F*&%! is a green smoothie?”

Okay, calm down and watch this quick 6 minute video on how to make a green smoothie. Having a green smoothie daily will change your life and radically transform your health. Clear skin. Endless energy. Shiny hair. More strength. You get the picture.

So, every morning you’re now having your doughnut and your coffee and your green smoothie. Awesome. Now let’s say for lunch you usually have fast food of some sort. Maybe a burger and fries or a sandwich or something. No problem. Enjoy your meal. But on top of that, you’ll also drink a 16 oz raw vegetable juice.

“A vegetable juice? Are you crazy??!! Where do you expect me to get vegetable juice?”

Please, there’s no need to shout. You can make them yourself at home with any juicer or just go to your local Whole Foods and order one.

So you’ve added in a green smoothie in the morning, a green juice in the afternoon and now it’s dinner time. You tend to go a little crazy at dinner and have a pizza or maybe some Chinese takeout. Excellent. Bon appétit. Continue stuffing yourself with whatever you want to eat at dinner time…but leave a little room because now you’ll ALSO have a side of Kim-chi or sauerkraut.

“Alright, you’ve gone TOO FAR, Ruben!!”

It’s for your own good. By the way, you can get cultured foods at any self-respecting health food store.

“Understand this: You’re like a child.”


Step 1:
DO NOT cut anything out of your diet at all!! This is a non-step. (I’ll give you a moment to celebrate).

Step 2:
Slowly ADD IN the best food ever.

Pretty easy, right? *Nodding head*


Can you see the difference between ADDING new foods as opposed to subtracting or restricting old foods? It’s much a much nicer method.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still need to put in some effort. But not nearly as much as you’ve had to in the past. Just think of eating these foods as your three daily disciplines. You brush your teeth, right? Even if you’re tired, I’m sure you give the ol’ pearly whites a good scrubbin’. And so it should be with your diet. Even if you’re tired, even if you don’t feel like it, still have your smoothie. Still drink your juice. Still eat your Kim-chi. Why? Because it’s your daily discipline. That’s just what you’ve decided to do, period.

Here’s the great thing about this method: When you start to consume these powerful foods on a regular basis, you’ll eventually want to add in more good stuff. It’s the natural progression of things. (Hint: a great way to find out all about all this “good stuff” is to follow this blog!) Eventually, there will be no more room for the bad stuff! The unhealthy crap will naturally just fall away, almost without you even noticing. You literally won’t have the time or the desire to eat anything other than food that makes you feel awesome. Breath a sigh of relief now.

Yes, this principle of addition would work even if you added in different foods from the ones I’ve recommended. Do what feels right for you. That said, I’ve specifically recommended these three particular foods because I know that they are some of the most powerful and safest additions anyone can make to their diet. They also produce the biggest changes in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort. I go over these in more detail in my previous blog post, 3 “Health Hacks” That Will Drastically Improve Your Life.

So…are you excited to start reclaiming your superpowers?

In abundant health,
Ruben Chavez

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